We are a neuropathy treatment center based in Ankeny, Iowa. We offer treatments that use cutting-edge technology to alleviate neuropathy symptoms without the need for surgery or harmful medications. Our unique, innovative neuropathy treatments take full advantage of your body’s natural healing process and get to the root of nerve damage to treat pain once and for all, unlike many treatments that only provide a temporary solution for pain.

It is estimated that more than 20 million people in the United States suffer from neuropathy. Neuropathy can develop as a result of other medical conditions such as diabetes or from medical treatments, such as chemotherapy. While this condition might be common, it is still a major hindrance to those suffering from neuropathy, as nerve pain can be debilitating and is likely to hinder many people from performing their everyday tasks and responsibilities, such as walking, driving, exercising, and working. Many people avoid seeking treatment for neuropathy despite their extreme pain due to a reluctance to undergo major surgical procedures or rely on potentially harmful medications; luckily, Central Iowa Neuropathy’s innovative, natural treatments for neuropathy have become a trusted solution for patients in Central Iowa and beyond. 

We have helped patients from around the United States resume their lives and active lifestyles free from neuropathy pain once and for all. Our location in Ankeny is particularly convenient for those in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge and other surrounding areas. For more information on the treatments we offer at our Ankeny, Iowa clinic, contact us today.