Are There Such Things As Vitamins For Nerve Pain?

vitamins for nerve pain

When nerves are damaged due to medical conditions like diabetes, treatments like chemotherapy, or natural deterioration of muscles and nerves over time, it can lead to nerve pain. No matter the cause, nerve pain can significantly hinder your everyday life, as it can restrict your ability to perform daily tasks and responsibilities like walking, driving, […]

3 Reasons You’re Experiencing Knee Nerve Pain

knee nerve pain

The nerves throughout your body can become irritated or pinched, leading to severe pain. Medical professionals worldwide estimate that roughly 25% of all nerve pain is experienced in the knees. Knee nerve pain can range in severity from patient to patient, but if left untreated, it can significantly hinder everyday life and lead to further […]

Is Diabetic Neuropathy Reversal Possible?

diabetic neuropathy reversal

One of the most common complications among patients with diabetes is nerve damage. Those suffering from damaged nerves due to diabetes will likely experience neuropathy in the feet, toes, legs, and/or arms. This pain can range from slight numbness to severe sharp pain and can hinder one’s everyday responsibilities and activities. If you are suffering […]

The Neuropathy Stages: Defined

neuropathy stages

Neuropathy is pain or a lack of feeling, that occurs when nerves are damaged, often due to conditions like diabetes or treatments like chemotherapy. No matter the cause, neuropathy can be an uncomfortable condition that often becomes more painful over time and can lead to further medical complications and risks in the future. Neuropathy develops […]

Experiencing Radial Nerve Pain? America’s Neuropathy Specialist Can Help

radial nerve pain

Radial nerve pain is a debilitating type of neuropathy that can limit one’s ability to perform daily activities or responsibilities and can lead to additional pain or other medical complications if left untreated over time. If you are suffering from radial nerve pain, the experts at Central Iowa Neuropathy can help.  What is Radial Nerve […]

Why is Neuropathy Worse Some Days Than Others?

Wondering why is neuropathy worse some days?

We all have good days and bad days. If you are struggling with nerve pain on a day-to-day basis, you might find yourself wondering, “why is neuropathy worse some days?” If this describes your current situation, you aren’t alone! Keep reading to learn more about this phenomenon and to answer common questions you might have […]

Experiencing Nerve Pain After Surgery? Here’s What It Could Mean

If you’re experiencing nerve pain after surgery, you’re not alone. But what does it mean? There are many potential causes of nerve pain after surgery. Most commonly, it is due to damaged nerves as a result of a particular procedure. This pain typically lasts for a few weeks or months following surgery; in some cases, […]

What is a Neuropathic Tremor and Do I Have One for Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral Neuropathy — damage to the nerves of the peripheral nervous system (nerves outside the brain and spinal cord)  — occurs as a result of many different issues, from inherited disorders and diseases to acute and chronic traumas. Because it manifests secondary to so many discrete types of medical problems, its symptoms are extremely varied […]